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Finesse - CIPC Connection Error and logout - 50002 and 50003


We have a 200+ agents hosted call center running UCCE. Agents are on Finesse and CIPC. Since the 2 months we are facing several issues with Finesse and CIPC.
Either CIPC gets unregistered causing finesse to logout. Or Finesse alone displays an error saying connection error. The reason code from UCCE are 50002 or 50003.
This is not happening for all agents at once. It is randomly happening across the floor but very frequent with 40-50 issues reported every day.
We have been working with the hosted service provider (their IPT team, network team) , Cisco TAC, our Network team and they did extensive troubleshooting on the network since the reason codes were pointing to the network. Run debug / and packet capture on every single hop from the agent laptop to the UCCE/CUCM. All they could all find was that the at some point when an agent is reporting an issue the client laptop stops responding to the server and server resets the connection.
Action Taken
1. Upgraded all laptop BIOS and NIC card drivers
2. Upgraded all CIPCs to version (Got this release directly from TAC)
3. Added exception rules in McAfee running on the laptops to make sure that the traffic from the hosted provider is not blocked in anyway.
CIPC version:
Windows 10 mostly and some Windows 7

I am attaching a CIPC log file from an agent when the disconnection happened. I am attaching the file from the specific time slot to point to the same time frame. 


Thu Oct 03 11:08:44.203 : DET : ( 3448) SIPCC-ENTRY: LINE 59/1: sipTransportSendMessage : Stopping reTx timer


Thu Oct 03 11:08:44.203 : DET : ( 3448) SIPCC-SIP_STATE: 59/1, sip_reg_sm_change_state: Registration state change: SIP_REG_STATE_UNREGISTERING ---> SIP_REG_STATE_UNREGISTERING


Thu Oct 03 11:08:44.280 : ERROR : ( 3448) SIP : sip_tcp_newmsg_to_spi : RCV: TCP message=


The above 3 log lines are the ones we see in all agent CIPC logs and they are logged several times during the day in all og files. Could someone shed some light? 

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Is it happening for both the OS (Windows 10 & 7) agent? If it happening only for windows 10, check the CIPC version as it not support for Windows 10 64-bit.

And it looks like CIPC isn't supported at all with CCE version 12 :( for instance.

Is that a fact that uccx12  and windows 12 using CIPC SCCP thru VPN are not compatible?

Were have agents that are connected thru checkpoint vpn just randomly drop a few times a day and show "phone not in service"

Until they go not-ready and back to ready.

Anyone run into this issue? Im thinking Checkpoint may be the issue.

I changed the agents profile to CIPC SIP, but there was an audio issue with Checkpoint, so I had to change them back.


Check your Firewall.

Looks like you have drop of the packets and due to that your CIPC is getting unregistered.


And your CIPC should utilise SCCP protocol

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 09.09.21.png


Just a note, I think that is for UCCX only, in UCCE/PCCE there are some guides that specifically say SCCP is not supported, just to make things more confusing.

Is that true Bill?

It wasn't supported, but I think after Cisco extended the support for CIPC amid the COVID outcry, they changed the compatibility matrix and it now does show again supported for UCCE 12 and 12.5 for instance, which is good news as far as having another option.

Ramamoorthy Shanmugam
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As per log CUCM version is 11.5 and it will support Cisco IP Communicator 8.6(4) and later version.


if it is mobile agents " Cisco IP Communicator does not support for CAD IP Phone or mobile agents"


Please confirm when CIPC is going down - During Inbound , Outbound or Hold scenario. If during outbound/Hold scenario we need to check MTP


otherwise Install Cisco Jabber for Windows 10.x to 11.x for Voice only and test it 





Thanks all. it looks like some other application running on the laptop is consuming all resources. CPU and memory going 100%. So the desktop team is looking into it. 




Can someone upload the latest version of CIPC to Google Drive, please? We have but I'd like to test or higher and see if it solves some of the issues we've encountered.

Please find reason codes description here

50002 – doesn’t have any connection to the CIPC
50003 – can be related to the network, if your CIPC is losing registration on CUCM.




CIPC using LAN environment is stable and reliable but for MPLS users many issues. later we changed to Cisco Jabber softphone and working fine.




Where are you seeing the minor release version in this manner? If I look on the Cisco website for instance, last version shown as downloadable is 8.6.6?

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