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Phone call will randomly disconnect from server side


We are using call studio 10.5 to develop the IVR. My tester said sometimes when she hear the middle of the flow, for example, when it played the 6th of the 15 transaction records, after that audio is finished playing, the server side just hang up to her. But I check the activity log, seems like everything normal. This issue will randomly show up, not all the time. But if show up, I don't know what is causing this issue happen? And how I can check that issue? Especially when it go to production, if this issue happen, that pretty annoying.

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1. If you're in a comprehensive environment (where ICM sends the call to

VXML Server) check the GS,Server,V script in ICM Config Mgr (List

Tools/Network VRU Script List) - ensure the Timeout is long enough (the

default is 180 seconds).

I will try to see this issue happen again, if happen, I need to ask the guy who did the ICM config to check what happen there


Call Server logs should indicate the error.(Media file fetch error or something like that) Sometimes if you are using multiple Media server ( for hosting wav files). Ensure that .wav file names are consistent on all the servers and on ICM configuration.(case sensitive).

Birendra Hansda

May be you can check the duration of the dropped calls and see if it is common for all such calls. Check the session timeout setting in your call studio project to see if this is the cause.


We actually face this issue today when we do the demo...

The guy who config the ICM try to put the timeout longer and re-test after today's demo.

But I don't understand is why ICM need to wait the IVR call finish and back to the ICM? (That is what ICM guy said)

One thing I can think about is, the call need to transfer out to ICM, (in IVR using CVP Subdialog Return), and ICM keep waiting the Subdialog Return, and it got timeout. Therefore it got disconnected.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Whenever ICM executes RunExtScript node, it's asking the system to go

off and execute some vxml to interact with the caller. ICM won't wait

forever for the callflow to return - it'll only wait for the configured


Most microapps (Play Media, Menu) should complete within 180seconds, and

if not, you'd want ICM to know there's a problem and handle the caller


But with VxmlServer - you'd want to allow more time for it to complete.

Hence you have to set the timeout on the GS,Server,V script larger.

Phone call will randomly disconnect from server side

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The session timeout setting that I am referring to is in the call studio project. For the call flow to reach CVP subdialog return, the VXML session should last within the timeout threshold.

You are playing back dynamic data and some of your calls which are dropping probably contain a large data set .

Note that if the Session Timeout (under

Project/Properties/CallStudio/General Settings) is expiring, you'll see

an error in the VxmlServer/applications/appname/ErrorLog error logs that

says 'A Session Timeout occurred.....' Are you seeing that?


We will try it after to see what happen

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