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Social Miner 9.0 compatible with UCCX 8.5?


Hi all, can anyone confirm/deny that Socialminer 9.0 is compatible with UCCX 8.5?  could you just upgrade the Socialminer software and remain at 8.5? or buy Socialminer 9.0, would it work with a contact center express 8.5? Or does it have to be UCCX 9.0?

Thank you!

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Social Miner has no dependency on UCCX. it is a standalone product if your intent is to use for social mining. if you intend to use the web chat functionality then 9.0 is needed on UCCX and SM.



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Social Miner has no dependency on UCCX. it is a standalone product if your intent is to use for social mining. if you intend to use the web chat functionality then 9.0 is needed on UCCX and SM.



Thanks a lot! great to know!

Just want to clarify something here.  This thread is older, so maybe this is changed

According to the ordering guide Social Miner can be ordered standalone.

Section 8.3 says a UCCE Premium Agent license must be ordered to run the SM SW standalone.

And it says if you want reporting, you must buy CUIC as well.

My question is how critical is reporting to Social Miner?  Will it have any Web GUI access usefulness without reporting?

According to the data sheet:

Includes dashboarding of social media posting activity when Cisco® Unified Intelligence Center is used



Reporting for social contacts

• Provides a reporting database that can be accessed using any reporting tool, including Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

• Enables customer care management to accurately report on and track social media interactions by the contact center

So if I dont have a COntact Center, and will just rely on my Web team of customer service folks to use it, then what the real added value of CUIC?  If it was a few thousand, I wouldnt ask, but its very expensive.


Thanks to Chris MIRALLE of Cisco for answering my questions.

CUIC Standard is really not that cost prohibitive and would be needed if you so desire any of the optional reporting delivered in CUIC.  

The Premium CCE seat is required so satisfy licensing but not required to be operational as a contact center agent, when running SM in standalone mode.

CUIC: purchase either CCEH-CUIC-PREM and CCEH-CUIC-STD

I guess I have no more questions.

If anyone wants to share experience using SM in standalone mode with and without CUIC, I would like to hear them too.


For premium agent license, can anyone tell me how socialminer can be ordered standalone? as in ccw tool, i can't see its server license bundle or line item but yes I can see the SM media kit.

Secondly, why premium agent license is required to use the system? If its required and mandatory, then how can we say its in standalone model?

Thirdly, how will it work being in a standalone environment? will it just be used for social mining capabilities in that case and not for chat and callback features?

Please reply. 

Take a look at the ordering guide since you are a partner, It has the SKU for the server license

SM licensing is built into the agent license and needs premium. Thats how the BU decided to package this

Yes standalone means just used for twitter, facebook, RSS feeds and so on

Yes but the order guide says, "you must purchase at least one agent license to use the system", i.e. the unified CCE premium agent license ("A Unified CCE premium agent license must be purchased for each simultaneously logged in SocialMiner user").

So I'm confused how will it be called as standalone and how will it be used then without purchasing Unified CCE Premium agent licenses? Secondly, please do correct me, as SocialMiner is integrated with the corporate active directory and the users (users + their privileges) of SocialMiner are managed in that active directory. Then how and why does it require the purchase of Unified CCE Premium agent license? What to do with it?

See this link, it explains the licensing

Cisco SocialMiner Pricing Overview

**this link is accessible only to Cisco Partners

Thanks for the info Srinivasan. But I'm still stuck in why do we need to purchase premium agent license to use socialminer? If a customer has non-cisco contact center, how should we license SocialMiner in that case? Because from the info you shared, it seems that customer must always have to purchase premium agent license to use SocialMiner system.

I'll appreciate your comment in this regard.

I am not sure if I can comment on a BU policy. What I would suggest is posting on that post since it is monitored by the BU. They can respond on why that's their policy. I believe they want to use this as stepping stone for turning on contact center functionality as it is critical for web chat and who know what other multi channel routing . Hence they bundle it that way

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