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Gearing up for APIC-EM... but when?

Darren Starr

When I got back from Live!, the one item which simply stood out above everything else Cisco was working on was APIC-EM. It's a great tool and I'm really excited to get started with it. I did a few labs at the show using it and found it to be pretty good.

What is really important is that next week, I'll be working with two separate data center customers to start designing APIC-EM based solutions. I need some information as to when we'll be able to start testing it locally.

I'm also preparing a session for Cisco Learning Network which will teach people how to start writing AngularJS based web pages in combination with JSON communication inside of Visual Studio and on IIS so they can start building a toolbox of web pages on their local machines accessible from a web browser which can be published to GitHub and IIS with a click once they're working.

Is there a beta program where people like me (networking guys who can program) can get a test rig running for training customers?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You got it !

DevNet sandbox has APIC-EM always on lab.

Simply change apic-em server IP in sample code to then you are ready to go.

how to find  apic-em server IP

APIC-EM IP is assigned by administrator during the installation.

If you are talking about where to change the IP, it is in "" file.

"if working from home, use the DevNet Sandbox Always-On APIC-EM Lab:"

I got unreachable response while searching using range option


step by step  explain how to find apic-em server IP is the apic-em server. If you need to know it's IP just ping

But this is nothing to do with your issue  -- I got unreachable response while searching using range option

Looks like you were trying to do the network device discovery.

In this always on lab we have taken a snapshot of a network and created a database only lab. Which means we don't need to do the discovery and we won't be able to discover any. Also when we create a new policy we won't be able to activate it because we don't have real network device. Other than that rest of features should be the same as using the live one.

If you do need to exercise the live environment please reservation lab.

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