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Configuring Boot from SAN using UCS Manager



Configure a boot policy to boot one or more servers from an operating system image on the SAN. The boot policy can include a primary and a secondary SAN boot. If the primary boot fails, the server attempts to boot from the secondary.  If you boot from the SAN when you move a service profile from one server to another, the new server boots from the exact same operating system image.



UCS Configuration


  • Log into UCS manager.  Identify the Chassis containing the blade to be configured.
  • Expand out the Chassis for the server to be configured, all the way to the HBA.
  • Make a note of the WWPN listed for the vHBA.
  • Create a boot policy
  • Provide the Boot policy with a name and description.  Add a local device, CD-ROM, to allow the install of the OS, then add a SAN target.  Add a SAN Boot Target for the Primary and Secondary WWPNs from the storage array.  Then click OK.
  • Create 2 VSANs on UCSM, same 2 VSAN ID’s can be created on MDS also.


MDS Configuration


  • Add the WWPN addresses to the fcid database.  Do this for addresses from both the UCS blades and the Navisphere.
  • Add an alias for each of the WWPN addresses.
  • Zone each of the created aliases with each of the alias for the Navisphere or Unisphere
  • Add each Zone to the a Zoneset then activate the zoneset
  • Enter command zoneset activate name <abcd> vsan <X>
  • You must run the activate zoneset each time a zone / group of zones is added otherwise the created zones will not become active.


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Thank you for your posting and please add diagram and print screen for more understating.

If you have detailed document explain step-by-step for Boot from SAN using UCS, please give us the URL Link.