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Remote Branch WAAS Missing from CM after Hostname change


Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is a comprehensive WAN optimization and application acceleration solution. The WAAS system consists of a set of devices called wide area application engines (WAEs) that work together to optimize TCP traffic over your network. The WAEs examine the traffic and use built-in application policies to determine whether to optimize the traffic or allow it to pass through your network unoptimized.


The branch WAAS device had the wrong hostname. Details were edited in DNS/TACACS and updated the hostname in the WAAS itself. In the Central Manager delted the old copy. In the branch WAAS enabled cms, disabled/enable the tcp promiscuous 61/62, and WCCP is up.  Redirection is happening on the WAAS and the router, but the Central Manager does not have an entry for the WAAS device. Ping works between the central manager from the branch WAAS and visa versa. Everything seems to be working optimization wise but can't see the hostname of the branch WAAS in the CM gui.


Following is the output cms info command on the branch waas device.

waas-1a#show cms info
Device registration information :
Device Id                            = 32165                             
Device registered as                 = WAAS Application Engine            
Current WAAS Central Manager         = <cm ip>                       
Registered with WAAS Central Manager = <cm ip>
CMS services information :
Service cms_ce is running


Since the hostname was changed and the old entry was deleted from the CM database, to get the branch waas back in the CM it needs to be first deregistered and then registered. This process deletes all old traces of waas device info and free up the device to reregister to the CM.


Enter the command "cms deregister" to deregister the device and then enter command "cms register" to register the device again to CM. In some cases you may get the following error while doing deregister.

waxxx-1a#cms deregister
Deregistering WAE device from Central Manager will result in loss of data on encrypted file systems, imported certificate/private keys for SSL service and cifs/wafs preposition credentials. If secure store is initialized and open, clear secure store and wait for one datafeed poll rate to retain cifs/wafs preposition credentails.
If encrypted MAPI is enabled, windows-domain encryption-service identities will be disabled. The passwords must be re-entered again the next time the WAE joins a central manager.
Do you really want to continue (yes|no) [no]?yes
Disabling management service.
management services stopped
Sending de-registration request to CM
Unable to get Central Manager ip address setting. Please make sure 'central-manager address' is set
Device de-regsitration failed.

If device deregisteration fails then to forcefully proceed with it enter the command "cms deregister force". This document is based on following discussion


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