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Added Multicloud_PlatformType_Handler.js file with UCSD Accelerator Kit and updated document with the same.


The UCS Director Solution Accelerator Kit v1.5 has updated with,

  • Deployment Guide DOC with updated package details

  • Automation Pack - Updated Decommission Physical Server process.
  • Service Catalogs - Disabled host name from "Order a Virtual Machine from Template" service

Please Note It is recomended to redeploy Service Catalog Deployer and Automation Packs to have the latest updates.

The UCS Director Solution Accelerator Kit v1.4 has updated with,

  • Deployment Guide DOC (as per the feedback received)

  • Portal Pages - To avoid overriding UCSD changes upon upgrading MCAK/CMAK packages each time, UCS Director portal pages are created seperately.

  • Deployment Packages - Updated since removing hardcodes.

The UCS Director Solution Accelerator Kit v1.4 for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud includes:

Deployment Guide DOC

  • Terms of Use (as a subscriber to this community, you have agreed to these terms)
  • Cisco Prime Service Catalog (Cloud Portal) 9.4.1 service catalog packages and image files
  • Cisco Process Orchestrator 2.3.5 automation packs
  • UCS Director Requirement and Consideration packs

The kit is an extension to Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1.1 and offers:

  • Creating connection to UCS Director cloud platform
  • Support for the virtual compute management of UCS Director Platforms
  • Support for CloudSync infrastructure discovery and management for UCS Director Platform
  • An implementation providing extensions to the IAC product making exclusive use of portal and orchestrator extension points
  • Floating/Elastic (Public) IP address support for UCS Director
  • Provides NAS Storage Services as,

  • Add Filer,
  • Add NAS Volume,
  • Resize NAS Volume, and
  • Remove NAS Volume.

Please note that as a solution accelerator, UCS Director Solution Accelerator will continue to evolve over time. We welcome comments and suggestions and will do our best to respond and update as appropriate.

With regard to support, the first point of contact should be the author and/or this community. If you are having issues, moderators of this forum will determine and advise if a TAC case is appropriate, otherwise issues will be addressed here.

Stephen Watkins

In the future, could you bundle the document separate from the TAP file?  It would make just understanding and promoting what is involved a lot easier.


Ching-Yao Kao

Thanks for the feedback Steve. We will separate them next time.



When can we expect to see EMC Storage integration and also Network integration/serviceswith the Accelerator?

Other use cases I am seeing from the customer:

- Dashboards/Monitoring (showing them in Portal)

- Alerts/Triggers for thresholds

Thanks again for the great work, this does go towards bridging our products.

Ching-Yao Kao

Our lab does not have EMC storage so we cannot test it. We will look into finding some lab resource for that.

Thanks for the suggestions on use csaes, we will track them for future enhancements.




Page 11,  Step 4a – Stitch UCS Director Services.

Can you please document this a bit more clear.

Need to know which services need to be bundled with which, just like you have put tables for others.


We have updated deployment guide as per your suggestion and published on the same. Thanks for your feedback and let us inform for further clarification.



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