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When a new release of UCS code is released you need to do a few things in sequence, and add these all together you get something called "UCS Upgrade Standard Operating Procedure".

Table 1 - List of Standard Technical Procedures in the UCS Upgrade Standard Operating Procedure"

This document describes how to execute STP004 Firmware Core Activation, which will result in your Fabric Interconnects, UCS Manager and IOMs being updated to a new release.

WARNING: Check the Release Notes for 1.1(1j) because the update sequence is different if you are upgrading from 1.0(1) releases. If you follow this procedure for a 1.0(1) release you will have unexpected Fabric Interconnect resets.

  • UCS STP004 Firmware Core  Activation
    • Act 1: Stage the FEX/IOMs  Upgrade
    • Act  2: Update UCS Manager
    • Act  3: Update the Fabric Interconnects

. 4

  • Prerequisites - Before starting this procedure you should have completed steps 1-3 of the "UCS Upgrade Standard Operating Procedure" and have a verified release package available on UCSM.
  • Author – Steve Chambers, Unified Computing, Cisco Advanced Services, Europe.
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