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Cisco Intersight

Join the Cisco Intersight conversation. Get product updates on new Intersight features/functionaliti...

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Nexus Dashboard

Nexus Dashboard incorporates Nexus Insights, Network Assurance, and Multi-Site Orchestrator, as well...

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Leaves Don't Return Requested OIDs

I have a monitoring Infrastructure that regularly polls all of my leaves and spines using SNMP, all of these nodes are a part of the same POD, which is the object on which the SNMP policy is applied.Some leaves return my requested OIDs, and Some Don'...

doridor by Beginner
  • 2 replies
  • 5 Helpful votes

Resolved! ACI - Default Gateway Question

Hello, in a given ACI Design we are following the network centric approach.  The "old" VLAN structure ist mapped to One BD = one EPG = one Subnet The default gateway for all BDs should be the firewall. In our case there are around 50 BDs  My question...

Resolved! ESXI UCS native vlan

Hello,After installing ESXi on a server blade, I tried to assign it an management IP address in a vlan that is configurated in UCS for lab, but not native. The native vlan for this blade is using the same vlan as production.  I would understand the p...

ksclifton by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Unable to login FI64108 console

Out of sudden, I can't browse to my UCS Manager virtual IP and my FI-A. I can only ping the FI-A management IP but unable to see the UCS Manager web console. I can't browse to my UCS manager cluster console as well. Only FI-B is working.What have bee...

Boot option lost

I have a UCS C240 M5SX that I have been using for testing our product. I had been doing OS installs on it and have been successful for the past couple of months.  Now when I do an fresh OS install, the boot option is no longer present or available.  ...

cmueller by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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APIC event code E4208077

Hi guys,About a month or so I've been facing the event with code E4208077 with a frequency of 1 minute. I could not find it anywhere by the description and the code. Does anyone faced the same and know what it can be related to?Thenk you.Description:...

Overlapping l3out subnets

Hi Folks,So I am running in to the following problem: I want to upgrade my ACI Fabric, but I ran in to overlapping subnets. Now overlapping subnets should not be a problem but seeing I am not too familiar with the network and I want to clean up some ...

IP Replication Network

Hello everybody,i do have a quesiton regaridng design. in our company (medium size) it was up to now typical to have a dedicated storage network based on Fibrechannel. interrupt was done by FCoE but this was not a lasting solution. but it seems that ...

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