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Nexus Dashboard

Nexus Dashboard incorporates Nexus Insights, Network Assurance, and Multi-Site Orchestrator, as well...

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Cisco N9K-C9316D-GX Troubleshoot

Hello Team, One of our customer recently procured Cisco N9K-C9316D-GX along with Cisco QDD-400-CU3M passive cable. They want to run the 200G speed via QDD-400-CU3M passive cable on Switch. Kindly let us know How customer can run and achieve the said ...

madhup123 by Beginner
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Upgrading a UCS C3160 to a C3260

Hello. I have two retired UCS C3160 servers, each with a single M3 server node. I'd like to try upgrading one of the servers to a C3260 by moving parts from one C3160 to the other.That said, would it be possible for someone from Cisco to please answe...

Johnny B by Beginner
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L3out not receiving routes

in my ACI fabric, I have an L3out BGP peering between  Border Leaf and a Fortinet Firewalls, my problem is that I don't receive the default route that is advertised by the firewall via the L3out, in the other hand in firewall I can see the routes of ...

JlassiAhmed0345_0-1700773415245.png JlassiAhmed0345_1-1700773494637.png JlassiAhmed0345_2-1700773579502.png JlassiAhmed0345_3-1700773793666.png

Communication between uSeg epg

Hi, I try tu understand how uSeg works in the ACI.I have one DB-EPG and APP-EPG, I made a contract to allow traffic to communicate between DB-EPG and APP-EPG, it works.Now I want to select some DB servers in DB-EPG and deny traffic between them, I us...

dijix1990 by Enthusiast
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