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Cisco Employee

The two day Coding Camp, held February 13-14 at the openBerlin Innovation Center, was a smashing success!  Over 100 people participated.  Saturday, the focus was on learning, with “campers” able to participate in hands-on coding classes to get the basics of working with the Cisco technology APIs. On Sunday, participants continued their learning, by rolling up their sleeves to work on expert-guided coding exercises, or wading into the fray to code and compete for prize money in the hackathon.

14 teams formed on Sunday to apply their coding skills to a variety of innovative concepts. There were teams of 1 to 5 five people. Some came to the Coding Camp as teams.  Other teams formed from people who had met for the first time at the Coding Camp and coalesced around an application concept.

The focus was on learning and developing solutions using selected Cisco IoT and Collaboration APIs and technologies from Cisco and 3rd party portfolios, including:

Tropo – to enable apps with SMS and voice inbound and outbound capabilities

Spark – to enable group communication via persistent chat, video conferences and online collaboration

Zeus - to monitor virtual machine data

Shipped - a platform to develop and deploy application into the cloud

relayr  - to read data from IoT sensors, providing dashboards, alerts and app triggers

Hackathon projects were judged based on the originality of the problem being solved, innovative use of the technologies, quality of the user experience, and business potential. Judging the competition were:

  • Susie Wee – VP and CTO of Networked Experiences, Cisco
  • Vanni Sanvincenti – Architect, NDC, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Mitko Vasilev – Co-founder/CTO, Cisco OpenBerlin
  • Jackson Bond – Co-founder and Chief Products Officer, Relayr
  • Hany Rizk – User Experience and Product Strategy, Locafox


The first place winner was Team Sling Shot for their innovative application helping people connect with others and get inspired by sharing “blueprints” of their ideas with a community.  Team Sling Shot’s concept was to use relayr IoT technology to collect data from light, temperature, motion and other sensors placed in people’s homes, and automate appliances, thermostats and other home functions based on rules set up via Sling Shot’s simple ‘blueprints’ user interface.
Team Lyfe Saver won second place for their cloud-based fire and rescue service.  In half a day, the team was able to build their prototype which used relayr to send heat and smoke sensor data to the Cisco Zeus cloud data analysis service, triggering automatic notification calls to the home owner, fire department, and nearby neighbors using the Cisco Tropo calling APIs.  Landlords of apartment complexes could subscribe to the service via a website to create a safer community.
One of two third place winners was a team called “Go out, have fun and be safe.”  The idea for the project was to capture relayr sound sensor data on noise volume levels in a night club.  Extended sound levels beyond user configurable limits would trigger the app to call the club manager via Cisco Tropo calling APIs.  Information could also be sent to a Cisco Spark collaboration room, where people could check with friends to see which clubs were too loud on any given evening.  Other sensors could be added to measure the club environment for variables like temperature, humidity, and air quality.  The team’s business model was to sell sensors and installation/monitoring services to Club owners.
Also awarded a third place finish was team Team Pearly.  Built using relayr IoT sensors talking to a custom Android app and web services using Ruby on Rails hosted on Shipped, the Pearly application seeks to improve conference room utilization by using sensors to detect active vs. inactive rooms, dynamically rescheduling and notifying subscribed users of free conference rooms as they become available.

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