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Activity in DevNet Cloud Native

Overview of how REST is utilized in OpenStack

Overview of how REST is utilized in OpenStack: OpenStack services typically communicate with each other and with external systems through RESTful APIs. These APIs allow users to interact with OpenStack services programmatically, enabling tasks such a...

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Hey (hey) You (you) Get Off Of My Cloud

Calling all cloud developers: It looks like the top two cloud service providers are currently (and in this order): Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure If you are currently developing for AWS, is there a chance you get off of that cloud and switc...

npetrele by Cisco Employee
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Calisti Installation Error

Hello, I tried to follow the guide to install Calisti on my k8s cluster (1.22.12) with 2 nodes (1 master and 1 slave).  As you can see below, the installation stopped at the following point...(in verbose mode). Any guidance on how to resolve this is ...

philiwon by Cisco Employee
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Calisti install issue

HI Calisti team,      I see the attached error during stage "registry-access/wait/readiness > waiting" "✗ error during operator reconcile: timed out waiting for the condition"   Please help me on fixing the issue.    Thanks,

mathumma by Cisco Employee
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SMM installation error

I am following this document to install  - But got the error when trying this command -  smm instal--anonymous-auth -a --run-demo Binary I downloaded is for Mac. Here is the output:   $ ./smm -v install -...

yawming by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Cisco Secure Application now available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Cisco Secure Application, a comprehensive solution for Container, Serverless, API, Service Mesh, and Kubernetes Security in a single platform.Customers who have signed up for the free tier at

SD-WAN dcloud test drive login

hi,  i want to use SD-WAN dcloud PoC i scheduled [ Cisco Secure SD-WAN POC Tool 7.1.1 with Dual DC Topology v1 ]and I received a public ip. i can access to that public ip , but i can't login with any E-mail account which E-mail address should...


Howdy out there in Automation Land!

Hey all! Its great to see these forums. I wanted to share some general content I product (alongside others as well in CX) to help get you kick started in AO. Happy to answer questions as much as I can too. I own the technical side of support of the p...