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Why attend this workshop? What if these technologies have no use for you and you feel you have no reason to join?

Stop right there!

As someone who has been going to conferences for far too long, I can give you a few reasons why joining our workshop will benefit you:

  1. Your computer tech skills will increase by practicing troubleshooting and setting up new tools as well as learning new technologies.
  2. It will increase your awareness of the technologies available that could eventually, from your knowledge, help a company or individual in the future.
  3. Networking, networking, and networking! In every session or workshop I’ve ever attended, I have always met at least one person who added value to my life, whether it is professionally or personally. It’s great to meet new people, especially when they share similar interests as you.

In our workshop - Intro to Spark - we will go over APIs and building your own chat bot. You will make your first REST API call and be able to make a Spark bot. I will guarantee you will be amazed on how easy it is to create one! You can have absolutely NO coding or programming background and experience to be able to participate. Adrienne Moherek and I will ensure there will be enough stopping points for everyone to catch up, if necessary. One of us, at all times, will be walking around helping anyone with questions, so no one will fall behind. (Disclaimer: if you have computer technical issues, you may fall behind).

After the workshop, you will realize the power of chat bots and how they can change the way you work by automating workflows and making your job easy.

Click Here to Register for our Workshop!

If you are attending our Workshop and using social media, you can Tweet at us!

  • Adrienne Moherek - @amoherek
  • Tessa Mero - @tessamero
  • Cisco DevNet - @CiscoDevNet
  • Hashtags to use: #DevNet #CLEUR

Want to Prepare in Advance for the Workshop?

  • Set up a Cloud9 account. (We have no affiliation with the company). It is 100% free to use with 1 private app and unlimited public apps. This is what we will use to deploy our application very fast! Note: Credit card required, but if you prefer not to use one or do not have a card, please email tmero (at) cisco (dot) com and I will set you up an account on our DevNet team in Cloud9! Please use the subject line “Workshop - Need C9 Account” so your email becomes priority.

Want to Get Ahead of the Workshop?

Note: Not all of the content will be used in the Workshop, but this is basically the information we will be going over.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'll be there. Looking forward to it!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can't wait! xoxo

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