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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There have been tremendous advances in networking over the last few decades, and Cisco together with our innovation ecosystem played a major role in driving this. We feel that the network is on the brink of another major transformation in how networks are managed, deployed, and operated which greatly advances the next generation of cloud applications and IoT experiences. This transformation requires advancements in technology and in how people work. Cisco is driving this with our Cisco Digital Network Architecture, which we call DNA.

Today, together with Jeff Reed and Rob Soderbery, I’m happy to announce that we are creating a DevNet Community of Interest for DNA. This gives network developers, architects, and operators a place to come together to learn, exchange ideas, inspire and most importantly, innovate. We hope to build a vibrant community to tackle and solve the hardest problems together.

I’m super excited about this new addition to our DevNet Communities. DevNet is continuing its journey, and this journey includes supporting communities of interest within DevNet. It’s become abundantly clear that our DNA community deserves it’s own place within DevNet.

We’re building upon the DevNet tools and resources that are already in use. For example, in just the last six months:

This new DNA community of interest is here for you to take part in the growing community of practitioners and innovators who are defining and driving this industry, that is, you! It is also a place for you to advise us on our products, APIs, strategy, and other ways we can help you in you work and in your career.

I can’t stress enough how important your feedback and advice is to us. Engagement from each and every one of you is what powers DevNet and keeps us invigorated.

These communities are free, so come on in and be part of our DevNet DNA community, you can register to become a member here.

Also, mark your calendar for the DevNet Zone at CiscoLive Las Vegas in July.

A warm welcome to everyone who joins and participates in our newest DNA community!

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