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The latest edition of the DevOps Shop is live, and this time we are discussing... Earning the Cisco DevNet Specialist DevOps Certification   In this video, we highlight an extremely valuable DevOps Certification available from Cisco: DevNet Specialis...

Hi, I am making calls through postman with meraki. I am able to retrieve the organizationID and the network ID but when attempting to get the getNetworkDevices, it is throwing up a 404 error. There is no issues with my variables etc that I can see. H...

Hey DevNet'ers, my name is Jeff Bull, Head of Developer Community for Cisco DevNet. In an effort to reduce complexity for our community members (YOU), in finding the support resources you need, my team and I are refreshing the DevNet Hub (where you a...

jeffrbul by Cisco Employee
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Hi team,I am looking to prepare a script for config translator for one of the migration projects from Cisco NX-OS and considering many of the parsing tools which can help here.Will the pyATS can parse the "show run" to get the output in json format s...

rys by Level 1
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Proxmox is a free and open-source virtualization management platform that simplifies the deployment and management of virtual machines (VMs) and containers. This comprehensive solution utilizes the Linux operating system, KVM hypervisor, and LXC cont...

beelink ser6.jpg
davidn# by Cisco Employee
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  I wanted to know if there was a way for pyats to only look at specific vrf rather than all BGP tables in on a router.  current; pyats learn bgp --testbed-file wan_router.yaml --output current  wanted; pyats learn bgp --vrf xxx --testbed-file wan_ro...

 I have been reading up on pyats and would like to know how to create a topology file as a dict like {'hostname':'ip"} instead of the yaml file shown in the examples. I am trying to connect to multiples devices to run specific show commands and store...

 Hi All, This is my first time writing an ansible playbook. Please can anyone help me with the following error. I'm just trying to run a basic show ver to a cisco ios switch. ansible-playbook new.yml PLAY [cisco] *************************************...

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