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I am attempting to use the provided statistic speedtest endpoints to replicate the behavior seen while running a speedtest from the gui. Each attempt to run results in the fields being returned with no data value. I am looking for either additional d...

Today, we're not referring to monetary value, but rather to a revolutionary web framework called Million.js. Developed by Aiden Bai, a recent high school graduate, Million.js has taken the React JS community by storm with its remarkable 70% performa...

JS Framework benchmark.png Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 12.11.02 AM.png
davidn# by Cisco Employee
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Can you guess which programming languages are represented by these pictures? Post your answers below! Take your guess (or skip it) and then it's your turn. Post your own pictures that you think are a metaphor for a programming language or other tech...

2023-06-08_105233.png 2023-06-08_105148.png 2023-06-08_105112.png
npetrele by Cisco Employee
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