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Display Caller ID Name on Finesse Desktop



I have a question regarding UCCX Finesse desktop and caller info.

How can I customize script for fetching data from database for Name Variable? In my case, I add contact details in CUBE(Voice Gateway)

This script is for displaying caller ID name in Finesse desktop as it is requirement from user. Currently, only FIPPA can display caller ID name. Need to display caller ID name in Finesse desktop also.

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To customize a Cisco UCCX script to fetch caller ID name information from a database and display it in the Finesse desktop, you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Database Connection:

    • Ensure that your UCCX environment is configured to connect to the database where you store caller information. This may involve configuring a JDBC connection to your database server.
  2. Write SQL Query:

    • Write an SQL query within your UCCX script that retrieves the caller ID name information from your database. The query should use the caller's phone number (ANI) as a parameter to fetch the corresponding name.
    • Make sure to handle cases where no name is found for a given phone number.
  3. Store the Result:

    • Once you retrieve the caller's name from the database, store it in a script variable. You can use a Set Enterprise Data step to do this.
  4. Display the Name:

    • To display the caller's name in the Finesse desktop, you would typically use the Enterprise Data feature in Cisco Finesse.
    • Configure your UCCX workflow to set an ECC (Enterprise Call Control) variable with the caller's name.
    • In the Finesse desktop layout, you can add a gadget that displays ECC variables. This gadget will show the caller's name when it's available.

Here's a simplified example script snippet to illustrate these steps:

// Connect to the database
DB: DBConnection = Get Connection ("jdbc:mysql://database_server:port/database", "username", "password");

// Fetch caller name from the database using the ANI (caller's phone number)
SELECT name FROM caller_info_table WHERE phone_number = caller_ani INTO caller_name;

// Check if a name was found
IF (caller_name is not null) {
// Store the caller's name in an ECC variable
Set Enterprise Call Info caller_name = caller_name;
} ELSE {
// Handle the case where no name is found
Set Enterprise Call Info caller_name = "Unknown";

Please note that this is a simplified example, and your specific implementation may require additional error handling and database connection configuration. Be sure to consult the UCCX scripting documentation and your database's documentation for more details on setting up database connections and writing SQL queries within UCCX scripts. Additionally, Finesse desktop layout configuration will vary depending on your specific Finesse version and setup.

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