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This Week in Tech: November 30, 2023

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cyber Monday, a term created by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman of the National Retail Federation's division in the United States, which was developed to promote online shopping as a counterpart to 'Black Friday,' known for its in-store shopping deals the day after Thanksgiving. Did you contribute to the impressive $12.4 billion in Cyber Monday sales? This week is significant for the tech industry. Although it may not dominate headline news, this industry plays a critical, behind-the-scenes role in making Cyber Monday a success, similar to a duck that paddles vigorously underwater, unseen.

It's easy to envision transactions flowing as people buy goods online, including consumer electronics, toys and games, beauty and personal care products, and home appliances. However, consumers might not consider the intense efforts and sophisticated technology at play. Key tech efforts include:

  • Infrastructure Scaling: Tech companies scale up their infrastructure to handle the massive surge in online traffic. This involves increasing server capacity, enhancing bandwidth, and ensuring robust cloud services to prevent website crashes and slowdowns.
  • Cybersecurity Measures: With the increased risk of cyberattacks, tech teams work tirelessly to bolster security measures, implementing advanced encryption, fraud detection systems, and continuous monitoring to protect consumer data.
  • Payment Processing Systems: Payment gateways and processing systems must operate flawlessly to handle the high volume of transactions. This requires rigorous testing and scaling of payment systems to prevent delays or failures.
  • Supply Chain Management: Tech plays a pivotal role in supply chain optimization, using AI and machine learning to predict demand, manage inventory, and streamline logistics to ensure timely product deliveries.
  • Data Analytics and AI: Companies use data analytics and AI to track consumer behavior, manage inventory, personalize marketing campaigns, and provide product recommendations, aiming to increase sales and improve customer experiences.
  • Marketing and Advertising Technology: Advanced software is used to target and retarget customers with personalized ads, email campaigns, and social media marketing, ensuring high engagement.
  • Mobile Commerce Optimization: As many shoppers use mobile devices, tech teams ensure that apps and mobile websites are optimized for performance, usability, and security.
  • Network Infrastructure: Companies like Cisco provide the networking infrastructure necessary to keep the internet running smoothly under the load of increased Cyber Monday traffic.

In summary, the tech industry is an unsung hero, playing a crucial role in the success of Cyber Monday.

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