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Trivia Tuesday: Tails OS

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

tailos.jpgRemember Edward Snowden? A former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who leaked classified documents to the press in 2013. Edward used Tails OS to communicate with reporters to expose the NSA's mass surveillance programs, which collected data on millions of Americans without a warrant.

Tails OS is a live operating system that is designed to protect your privacy and anonymity. It runs entirely from a USB stick or DVD, and it does not leave any traces on the computer that you are using it on.

Tails OS is based on Debian Linux, and it includes a variety of privacy-enhancing features, such as:

  • Tor: Tor is a network of servers that encrypts your traffic and routes it through multiple servers, making it difficult to track your online activity.
  • I2P: I2P is another anonymous network that can be used to protect your privacy online.
  • Amnesiac Incognito Live System (Amnesia): Amnesia ensures that no data is written to the persistent storage of the computer that you are using Tails OS on.
  • Tailscale: Tailscale is a mesh VPN that allows you to securely connect to other devices that are running Tails OS or other supported operating systems.

Tails OS is a valuable tool for anyone who is concerned about their privacy and anonymity online. It is easy to use, and it is available for free.

To install Tails OS on a macOS computer, you will need a USB stick or DVD. You can download the Tails OS image from the Tails website. Once you have downloaded the image, you can use a tool like Balena Etcher to burn it to your USB stick or DVD.

Once you have installed Tails OS on your USB stick or DVD, you can start it up by booting your computer from the USB stick or DVD.

Once Tails OS is running, you can connect to the Internet and start browsing anonymously.

Visit the Tails website or the Tails documentation for more information.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I tried Tails a couple years ago. Back then, it couldn't handle my Nvidia graphics card. That's probably been fixed by now, so I may try it again. 

I tried Tails again and it works great for me now, even with my failing Nvidia card. Need a new one soon. 

Ruben Cocheno


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