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I had mistakenly deleted FB off of my app and now when I log into FB it asks me for a code and I cannot access it! When I choose to authenticate another way, I am not provided with any other options besides the authentication code (no SMS or anything...

Hello all,I utilize Duo on my personal device for personal accounts and recently noticed a large number of accounts I use Duo to authenticate for are missing. I'm not sure if this was after a recent app update or iOS update or what may have caused it...

I used the search util on the forum to search the words in my post title but I was a little surprised this hasn’t been posted as a Q. I have a new phone. my old phone has the Duo accounts backed up to google. I was able to generate a QR code exactly ...

Tee3 by Beginner
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Hi there! So i have this really annoying problem, Im trying to login to fb and it asks for the 2FA. The problem is i bought a new phone and the previous phone i had was stolen. Im trying to login and theres no way to go around the 2FA. Ive tried for ...

Hi, I’ve been using Duo for years now and recently had to factory reset my mobile. Now Duo keeps nagging me to set up “Duo Restore” aka backup to Google Drive - which I don’t want! The available options are “Remind later” or “Setup now” (or similar, ...

JBO1 by Beginner
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Greetings, I’m just asking how can I export my accounts directly, or even where can I find my backed-up data on Google Drive? Where’s the backed-up file or its path? I need to switch to another 2FA provider but I can’t find my backed-up accounts file...

0x91k4 by Beginner
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Hello I muss say that I find the Duo mobile app pretty poor feature wise. I have about 40 services using it (either via Duo push or as “plain” OTP) and find it fairly unusable without a search function (how hard could it be to implement ?). Also nice...

AlexT2 by Beginner
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