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Dear colleagues I have the duo mobile app on my iPhone. I have several corporate Instagram accounts on it, it turns out that I changed phones and lost access to these accounts and I can't reactivate them. Can someone help me?

We are implementing Duo Win Logon authentication for a group of users who will be accessing multiple machines. We are seeking the most efficient method for managing offline authentication. During our testing, when an enrolled user logs in to a new de...

I have an LG K210 (X power from Canada) running Android 6, Asus Zenfone running Android 6, iPhone 6 running Android 12 and iPad 2 running iOS 9. Can any of these install Duo Mobile from an APK or other? I need the app for school. Georgia Tech.

Nobu_Taka by Beginner
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I have Duo 4.52 for IOS and Apple Watch with WatchOS 10.1. Does Duo support AssistiveTouch/hand gestures to acknowledge the Duo prompts?When I receive a push notification prompt, I see an option to "Double tap to dismiss" but not an option to approve...

mcronweb by Beginner
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Hello members,We have configured MFA for the PostgreSQL database using RADIUS authentication and Cisco Duo, overall the configuration works, but I need help with the usage.  The problem is that database authentication succeeds when I approve the Duo ...