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DUO iPhone App consuming CPU on iPhone

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I have an iPhone 6 Plus with IOS 11.4. The latest DUO app version 3.21.0 is consuming more CPU than any other app! Anyone else having this issue?

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Level 3

Hi Andy,
Our Mobile Engineering Team isn’t familiar with anyone reporting this issue, and we haven’t been able to replicate any usage issues with Duo Mobile ourselves. How are you attempting to track CPU usage? iOS provides battery usage tracking (which we have also not seen an issue with, for what it’s worth), but there aren’t any first-party CPU usage tracking utilities available.

Hi Dooley,

I was looking at “Battery Usage” under settings on my iPhone and it showed DUO as using over 40% in the last 24 hours. (My brand new battery was running down quite fast at the time.)

Anyway, I check settings for DUO and “Background App Refresh” was on which didn’t make much sense to me, so I turned it off and now DUO usage has basically dropped to nothing.


Hi Andy,

I’m the product manager for our Mobile App. If you could please send me an email at with some info about how many accounts you have in Duo Mobile.

I will follow up with some more specific debugging info via that email. We’re looking into this as this is not expected at all, Duo Mobile should almost never register in the battery section.

We appreciate your time and for bringing this up.

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