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I was log off from both my duo mobile and instagram account what can i do?

i changed phones and i dont have access to my old phone but know i recovered everything but the duo mobile information, i cant access instagram cause i need duo mobile permission and duo mobile google back up its broken cause i recover everything from my old phone but duo mobile information.

at this point im not sure what to do, seems like a loop whole where duo mobile says i need to contact instagram and instagram telling me otherwise

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Hello @Mariana_Jaramillo , welcome to the Duo Community!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble accessing your Instagram account. This guide outlines how to use Duo Restore for third-party accounts like Instagram on both iOS and Android devices. It sounds like you might be having issues with Duo Restore and do not have access to your old device, so this troubleshooting article might be more helpful.

When you set up 2fa for your Instagram account, you received a set of recovery codes from Instagram. A recovery code will allow you access to your account. You likely have a screenshot of the recovery codes somewhere if the images from your old device were successfully transferred to your new device. If you are unable to use either Duo Restore or a recovery code, you can contact Instagram to verify your identity and request a login link.

Hope this helps!


Hi, I tried this already and did not have a screenshot of my backup codes. Honestly I’m helpless at this point and just want to get back into my account but seems impossible. Instagram’s help center is actually no help whatsoever just keeps sending me in circles and I’m repeatedly attempting the same things with no solution and no way back into my account. Please help! 

Alex Becon

If you've lost access to Duo Mobile and need to regain access to your Instagram account, you can try the following steps:

  1. Contact Instagram Support:

    • Go to the Instagram Help Center:
    • Look for the "Login Help" or "Report a Problem" section.
    • Explain your situation, detailing that you've lost access to Duo Mobile and need assistance in regaining access to your account.
    • Instagram support might provide you with further instructions or guidance.
  2. Use Backup Codes (if available):

    • If you set up backup codes with Instagram, you can use them to log in. Check if you have any backup codes saved in a safe place.
    • Backup codes are typically generated when you set up two-factor authentication. If you don't have them, it's a good practice to save them in a secure location.
  3. Verify Identity with Instagram:

    • Instagram might ask you to verify your identity by providing information or answering security questions associated with your account.
    • Be prepared to provide any information that can help prove your ownership of the account.
  4. Check for Account Recovery Options:

    • Instagram may have additional account recovery options. Check if you've provided an alternative email address or phone number that can be used for account recovery.
  5. Contact Duo Mobile Support:

  6. Be Patient:

    • Account recovery processes may take some time. Be patient and continue following up with Instagram support.

This response seems AI-generated, and unfortunately not completely correct. Also beware the hidden hyperlink.

DON'T contact Duo Support. We CANNOT help you get back into Instagram or any other third-party service.

This article in the Duo Knowledge Base contains our recommended course of action:

What do I do if I’m locked out of Instagram, Facebook, or another third-party Duo Mobile account? 

Duo, not DUO.
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