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Notifications disappearing/not working on iOS and Apple Watch apps


Have a lot of users complaining about the Duo notification showing up on their Apple iPhone and immediately going away. They will log into something requiring a Duo push, see it pop up on their phone and by the time they can tap it….it is gone. If the notification stays on the screen, sometimes they will tap it….and it goes away. There is no notification in the notification center, having to open the Duo app to accept the push.

Users are having similar issues with the Apple Watch. The notification will show up on the watch, they tap it….it looks like it was accepted, but nothing. Having to go to the phone, open the app, and accept the push.

This is happening more often than not. There are times when the notification stays on the screen, and either tapping it will open Duo….or long hold will show the shortcut to allow. Same with the watch, about 30% of the time the tap to accept on the Apple Watch will work, the rest of the time they must open the app.

Getting more and more tickets about this every day. Not seeing a commonality except for iOS devices.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This definitely isn’t the expected experience. Have you contacted Duo Support yet? Opening a case for investigation is a good idea. Be prepared to share the iOS and Duo Mobile versions where this is happening if you’ve been able to collect that info from the affected users.

Duo, not DUO.
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