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You’ve told us that your end users appreciate the streamlined login process offered by the Universal Prompt, and over the next few weeks we’re bringing a similar experience to administrators in the refreshed Duo Admin Panel login page.

You’ll notice the new login user interface (UI) looks more like the Universal Prompt, with an accent color bar.

Once you submit your administrator password or complete single sign-on (SSO) login, your secondary authentication methods now display in a drop-down selector instead of as buttons on the form. Check our documentation for a list of the authentication methods available for use.

We’ll choose the most secure of your available options automatically, similar to the Universal Prompt, but if you want to switch to a different method use the drop-down to select it before proceeding.

If you choose to save your email address when you log in then we’ll also remember the authentication method you used to log in and default to using that method in the future when you log in to the Admin Panel from the same device.

We hope you’ll love the simplified Admin Panel login experience, but if you’re not ready to use it yet you can make a temporary switch back to the former interface by clicking the link in the banner at the top of the page.

If you opt to return to the previous UI, we’d appreciate you sharing your feedback about the new experience in the form provided.

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