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Ansible using Loop with registered variables

  Hello,I was wondering, whether it is possible instead of creating three separate tasks, one processing one element of an array, to actually loop through an array. Example: vars:      ansible_become_pass: "{{ vault_sudo_password }}"      ansible_pyt...

Netmart by Level 1
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Word of the Week: Proxmox

Proxmox is a free and open-source virtualization management platform that simplifies the deployment and management of virtual machines (VMs) and containers. This comprehensive solution utilizes the Linux operating system, KVM hypervisor, and LXC cont...

beelink ser6.jpg
davidn# by Cisco Employee
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ML Algorithm vs. ML Model

  In conversations about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the terms ML model and ML algorithm are often used interchangeably. However, they refer to different concepts in the context of machine learning.     ML Algorithm   A...

Algo vs. Model.png

pyats learning bgp

  I wanted to know if there was a way for pyats to only look at specific vrf rather than all BGP tables in on a router.  current; pyats learn bgp --testbed-file wan_router.yaml --output current  wanted; pyats learn bgp --vrf xxx --testbed-file wan_ro...

Pyats topo file

 I have been reading up on pyats and would like to know how to create a topology file as a dict like {'hostname':'ip"} instead of the yaml file shown in the examples. I am trying to connect to multiples devices to run specific show commands and store...

Basic Ansible script

 Hi All, This is my first time writing an ansible playbook. Please can anyone help me with the following error. I'm just trying to run a basic show ver to a cisco ios switch. ansible-playbook new.yml PLAY [cisco] *************************************...

How can use forloop in nso rfs template?

 Example1 : Supposed your input payload is given below  { "l3-device-list" :{ "interface-list":{ "s-existing-trunk-vlan":[444, 454,222], } } }  Step1: Add variable in java inputParams.putQuotedEmptyIfNull( "s-existing-trunk-vlan", interfaceObj.leaf(l...

Cisco Prime Infrastructure API

 I am building a script to create WLAN profile report querying  with API. I know 9800 uses policy tag instead of AP groups, I couldn't fetch list of SSID in 9800 controller with policy tag details from any of the API in prime, not sure what I am miss...

Cisco DNA Event driven task

 I would like to be able to have DNA run commands using command runner with an issues pops up.  As an example if DNA sees   " Netwrok Device Interface Connectivity - EIGRP Adjacency Failure " I would like it to run some show commands and email me the...

1pgordo by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Sandbox AnyConnect Sandbox login failed

 I'm attempting the Cisco Umbrella Learning Module ( Getting Started with an Umbrella DevNet Sandbox - Cisco DevNet Learning Center ). I received an email stating my sandbox lab was ready. The email has Umbrella login information but, there is no log...

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