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Hello Everyone, I created a servlet application to receive configurations from a CISCO router. So I i am trying to run the command: copy system:running-config http://IP:PORT/REST_OF_THE_URL But when I run the command on the router: I get the error:%E...

I feel with the synergies with ansible it is a real missed opportunity that there is no way to get structured data out as yaml unless i am missing something?As far as i can tell in all the doco it is xml or json only. I have even just tried to get ya...

sapage by Beginner
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Dear Sir, I'm a beginner at Network automation. Please kindly help with my issue.===========================================from netmiko import ConnectHandlerMHS_SWITCHES = {'device_type' : 'cisco_ios','ip': '','username' : 'admin','pas...

Hello,I have got TCL script (uploaded on flash on router) for WakeOnLan. proc WakeOnLan { macAddr } {     set net [binary format H* [join [split $macAddr -:] ""]]     set pkt [binary format c* {0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff}]      for {set i 0} {$i <...

Petr Kriz by Beginner
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We can no longer push configuration via Ansible to the following devices: It seems to be a privilege issue:   msg": "operation requires privilege escalation"} Could you please have a look at it?Thank you. 

rbf by Beginner
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Fault Code:F1005Storage Local disk 12 rebuild failed: please check the storage drive 12At first, a hard drive reported an error, and then I pulled out the hard drive and plugged it in again. But the error still exists.After that, I replaced this hard...

20210612185727.png 20210612185741.png 20210612185752.png
Turalion by Beginner
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