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Bringing Visibility over Industrial Networks using Cisco Cyber Vision

Moving from proprietary networking technologies, to open standard networking such as Ethernet, WiFi, IP, etc improves the accessibility of data and information. Visibility and Operational Insights are key to providing security to Industrial Networks...

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Getting a gateway serial number from Cisco IOx

If you are required to retrieve the gateway serial number from an IOx application, environment variables set by the Cisco Application Framework (CAF) are automatically set in the execution environment in the /data/.env file.   You can access this fi...

Cisco IOx Nodes (ISR819/CGR1120/1240/IR829/809) Hardware and Software Specification

For Cisco IOx Industrial Routers, mainly there are ISR 819(C819), CGR1120/1240, IR829/809, and IR910. Here list the main OS and hardware(CPU, Memory, Flash storage) information for them. Please see the below table for details.   FOR THE LATEST INFORM...

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