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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Typical syptom when there is no hypervisor image or ios image is that system fail to boot up although autoboot is configured in system running IOx image, and device will remain in "rommon 1 >" prompt.

To confirm that there is no hypervsor image availble, issue "dir bootstrap:" and there won't be any imge on "bootstrap:" partition.

For example:

rommon-1> dir bootstrap:



To recover the device, netboot is needed as there is no image on flash to boot from. Steps for netboot:

1.  Set up a tftp server

2.  Get the hypervisor and ios image ready on the tftp server . They could be obtained from untar the IOx bundle image, IOx bundle image could be downloaded from CCO:

For CGR1120:

   For CGR1240:

3. Hook up the interface2/2 of this CGR to your tftp server.

4. On te CGR "rommon 1 > " prompt, issue comman:

"set ip add x.x.x.x"  <== the ip address should be  the same subnet as your tftpserver ip
"set default gateway x.x.x.x   <== gateway for your tftpserver

"boot tftp://<tftpserver ip>/<hypervisorImage>"

5. The hypervisor image shall start boot and once booting complete, the device prompt should change from "rommon 1> " to "rommon 2", then boot up ios image by issuing command:

"boot tftp://<tftpserver ip>/<iosImage>"

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