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Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal



Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal

i can't access this portal i get an error where does it come from thanks

 You do not have the required privileges to access this system. Contact your system administrator.

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Roger Kallberg
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What rights are assigned to the user. You’ll need at a minimum CCM end user, but commonly also CTI access is also granted.

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I can login with ccmadmin user where do I need to do it thanks

On the end users.


Find the user with the problem and then look at what access groups he/she/it belongs to. See the example below from our setup.


The once with arrows are the once that are needed for the access to the self care portal. The others are often granted as they are generally needed as well for other common functions. Please note that you will not find an access group named like in the picture as this is a custom one that we use.

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Thank you very much for your help, I have reached the panel, I am getting the error that the activation code is not known, thank you

It would be easier to follow what you mean if you where to share a screenshot.

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pictures are in the attachment very thanks



From what I could tell you can access the self care portal. What you're asking about now is something unrelated to what you first asked about. Have you verified that the device where you are trying to use the code is the one that has the MAC address as seen in your screenshot? Also have you verified that the device is getting the required TFTP setting by the DHCP scope option 150? Without this is would not find it's way to the CM.

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If it is on cm, I also did the mac address entry, I also did not understand that you said dhcp 150, yes stealing cm ip address from tft aya phones

@yalcinsoft wrote:

I also did not understand that you said dhcp 150

Your devices needs to know how to reach CM, it does that by communicating with the TFTP service where it gets the configuration file and that file contains all the information the device needs to register. The device knows about the TFTP server from the IP information it gets from the DHCP server, more specifically from option 150 in the DHCP scope that contains the IP of the TFTP server.

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can you help me if i connect remotely thanks

I’m sorry, but I’m going to say no to that.

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my first experience with ip phone cisco so i asked you to support

You’ll get support on the community. If this is not enough for you please reach out to a reputable Cisco system integrator to get their help with this.

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You must reach out to a Cisco partner who is good in voice. .

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