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Cube using g729 in place of g711


calling application---DelayOffer------>Cube-----EarlyOffer------->>ISP---->Phone

Cube is offering SDP with G711 ulaw and a law to ISP
ISP is answering 200 with G711alaw

then cube passing this 200 Ok to Calling application with G729r8. and its happening for few calls not all calls
any reason , we have configured in voice-clas codee only G711 a/u law

ASR1006# asr1000rpx86-universalk9.17.03.01a.SPA.bin




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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

please provide a full call log of such a call and the full config (without any sensitive data like username, passwords, secrets, ...).

Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

The default voip codec on a Cisco router/cube is G729. So my first guess would be that the voice-class codec may not be applied to the CUCM-facing dial-peer correctly.

If you would post the voice-class codec section and the dial-peer section from your CUBE here we can take a look and see what the configuration is telling us.


Possibly for some calls the dreaded dial peer 0 is used. That would make the codec be g729.

@devraj123 If you could capture the output for both a working and a non working call, in separate files, when you have debug voip ccapi inout and debug ccsip message turned on we could probably figure out what is going on. At least that would give us a good starting point.

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