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Created by: Petar Ivanov on 21-07-2010 06:08:31 AM
I encountered a problem while trying to set up the DevicelistX plugin on CUAE GA. I have a call manager cluster set up (version 7.1) and a Monitored CTI device pool which both worked perfectly. However DeviceListX wasn't updating the database. Here's what the logs say:

2010:07:19::16:19:52(79): Warning: Config Invalid CallManager cluster version (name=UCM71 version=7.1). Please enter a normal decimal value
2010:07:19::16:19:52(79): Warning: CDL No CallManager clusters configured. DeviceListX cache disabled

After that DeviceListX gets stuck on refreshing.

I found out that if I change the value of version in the mce_call_manager_clusters table in the mce database to an integer DeviceListX works, however that breaks the CTI device pool. Is there a fix/workaround for this ? I am still learning and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: RE: DeviceListX plugin problem
Replied by: Petar Ivanov on 23-07-2010 11:23:09 AM
Thank you for your reply. I have deleted the CM cluster and device pool and configured them anew. I've double checked the SNMP community string and it is correct. However, the problem still persists. The DeviceListX plugin seems to be looking strictly for an integer value for the version of the cluster.

Subject: RE: DeviceListX plugin problem
Replied by: Nabhonil Sinha on 23-07-2010 04:47:56 AM
Hi Petar,
I would suggest that you delete the Device pool, Clusters configuration and re-configure your system once again. We have tested the CUCM 7.1 version cluster in the CUAE Connections and it worked fine. Please re-configure your system once again. I am hoping that the SNMP community string has been configured properly on the CUCM side and same Community string has to be used while configuring the CUCM 7.1
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