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Created by: Jason Randall on 16-04-2009 04:03:59 PM
I am writing a Java application for one of our call
centers.  I am trying to use the JTAPI (
to initiate calls for our agents to increase call efficiency and eliminate
human error.  I used the included ¿makecall¿ application to initiate
calls.  I am currently getting the following error when trying to place a
Address 3318 is not in provider's domain.
3318 is my extension that I¿m using for my source
parameter.  After talking with the support team after opening a TAC case,
I¿m lead to believe that our problem is caused due to configuration problems
with Call Manager.  Unfortunately no one here is really well versed in
Call Manager and how to configure it.  Could you please give us
step-by-step instructions on how to configure it correctly so we can initiate
calls from the JTAPI and call any phone number we would like?

Subject: RE: Error With Cisco JTAPI
Replied by: Rajesh Vargheese on 16-04-2009 04:31:07 PM
Jason, This is the CUAE forum and not the cisco jtapi forum. Anyways, to keep you going, the error indicates that you do not have the device in the controlled list of the user. In CUCM, please go to the user that you are using and add the device to the control list.
If you have further questions, please contact the cisco jtapi forum.

Subject: Re: [Cuae-developers] New Message from Rajesh Vargheese in Cisco Unified Ap
Replied by: Jason Randall on 20-04-2009 05:50:42 PM
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