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U2F with Outlook on Windows 10

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I’m curious to see what people are doing for their new hire workflows.
We don’t give out corporate phones so are delivering Yubikeys (Yubikey 5 + NFC) in case they don’t want to use their personal phones to run the Duo app.

We’ve noticed that Outlook on Windows 10 doesn’t support the U2F keys, and demands a Bypass Code. Obviously this is a pain for the end user and the helpdesk.

We had hoped that it would be a one-time thing, but a bunch of our latest new hires just came back because Outlook had prompted them to login again and they all needed bypass codes.

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Level 1

What version of Outlook/Windows 10 are you using?

I haven’t seen the same issue with Outlook, but I just upgraded to Win 10 1903, and it now knows about my U2F key and pops a message that locks me out of the DUO prompt.

I’m going to test with Outlook as well and see if I have the same problem.

Whatever the latest offering is from Office 365 ProPlus. The Windows 10 versions vary, but I’ve seen it on 1809 builds, haven’t tried 1903 yet.

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