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I am trying to figure out the best way to give a VA access to certain accounts without giving her the login info. My thought is to share passwords via LastPass (or other password manager), but not not so the password shows. For 2FA, use a bypass code...

We are looking at moving to SSO but need to be able to include all the groups a user is a member of. Is it possible to pull this from AD and include it in SAML claims?Ideally we would want to manage this in a single place (AD) so if we added a new gr...

sv45354 by Level 1
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We are new to Duo but did successfully install/use version 4.20 on 4 of our 6 Windows 10 PCs on the domain. On 2 of the PCs the duo prompt does not load after the user logs into compter…it goes straight to desktop. We have verified the username is co...

I am trying to find the Username Normalization setting and am having no luck. Some of the documentation refers to it and suggests changing it but nowhere does it say where this setting is located. I am using MFA for Windows Logon.

Hi,I would like to clarify the license counts on Windows Logon and RDP. In the document, it mentioned all interactive users will be enrolled in Duo admin page. But in our environment, we wants to enable 2FA for Windows Domain Admin only. Do we need t...

TonyM1 by Level 1
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