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Has anyone successfully setup a way to monitor and get alerts generated to an email or ticketing system if a user is placed on bypass for an extended period of time? We are an MSP and our techs will commonly place users on Bypass, and many times they...

bmcd113 by Beginner
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I can't seem to find any logs for User Lockout events. We get email notifications of the events, but they don't appear in any of the logs. I'd expect them to be in the Activity Logs, or Authentication logs.Does anyone know where to find these events?

hawley35 by Beginner
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Hello Cisco CommunityI am DUO admin myself but it is my supervisor who created my account as a DUO Admin.Now he is gone on vacation (for a week) and I have the responsability to add new our team.But I dont know how to create this new adm...

cgaudreau by Beginner
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Hello, I used to be able to see a log of my Azure directory sync that showed info on users getting added or removed.. but now I only see that when I run a sync directory with diagnostics... am I missing something?  The only regular logs I see are for...

Hi All,I have integrated my Ad server with Duo where only specific group users should get sync but all users outside of that particular getting sync. Base dn is like DC=abc,DC=local. Can you help me where i lacking. Attaching snapshot for your refere...

sv7 by Beginner
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I have the 'Deny Access to Unenrolled Users' policy active for all users/groups.I have one user that needs ad-hoc special access without authenticating through DUO (3rd party contractor - not able to install/use an app). I have created a user account...

alceryes by Beginner
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Hi all.There is a method with which an enrollment link is generated, it will expire after 30 days.And If an end user clicks an expired enrollment link, they will see a message stating: "This enrollment code has expired. Contact your administrator to ...

obetsa by Beginner
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Dear All  I would like your support, I used Cisco DUO , integrate with Local Microsoft active directory, we have schedule to sync information every 8 Hrs.  but we found issue , when our user change password from their computer , but after 8 hrs pass,...

We’re still running v5.7.1 and have to support our global legacy infrastructure. We had to retire a server that was our backup authproxy server running this version. I’m looking for the 5.7.1 installer in order to install it on an existing server and...

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