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Help Desk using Duo to Verify End User

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We are rolling out the procedure to authenticate end users with a Duo Push when the help desk is supporting end users. However, some of our users have hardware tokens. How are folks authenticating those users?

Similarly, what about end users who get a new phone and need to be reactivated, or left their phones at home? What common policy/procedure is employed for those scenarios?


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Pulkit Mittal
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Hi There,

1. For hardware tokens, depending on whether its Duo hardware token which will show up automatically in dashboard, just assign it to the user who will use it, but if its YubiKey then you need to follow this process. Duo Administration - Use YubiKeys for with Duo | Duo Security

2. New phone can be enrolled by users using Add a New Device - Guide to Two-Factor Authentication · Duo Security or the number can be enrolled by help desk or admin Duo Administration - Manage 2FA Devices | Duo Security

3. Common procedure when user left phone at home is to give them bypass code. How can I help a user who left their phone or hardware token at home? (

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