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Login banner/disclaimer notice for administrator access for compliance purposes

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Level 1

We need a login banner/disclaimer for duo admin access for compliance purposes.

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Level 3

Hi Al,

Please share these feature requests with your Duo contact (CSM in your case) so they can be filed and tracked appropriately. We’re unable to offer specifics regarding the product roadmap here in the Community, and we want to make sure we fully understand your request and the issue you’re trying to solve for, so please make sure this is shared with your CSM. We are grateful for you participation here in the Community, but would ask you not post pure feature requests here that aren’t questions or solutions for the broader community.

If you are interested in how others are solving problems you’re encountering or potential integrations other users have accomplished with our generic offerings, terrific! But requests that will undoubtedly require Duo development are best shared with your point of contact or our Support Team.

This FRE was filed several months ago with CSM with no ETA or any update from Duo side.
I’m bringing this to the community to raise this FRE to see if other customers requesting the same.
We don’t have any visibility to the FRE’s submitted by other customers. It was suggested to Duo to use service for this. We have an open audit finding against this.

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