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ISE 2.0 - Guest Portal (Guest) - No redirects

Good afternoon colleagues, greeting the whole community again.

I have deployed ISE 2.0 in the network of a client, which has a network of guests which is authenticated through a portal, this already configured within the ISE.

Equipment involved

- WLC 5508

- 35 AP's 3702I, 2702I (Working in FlexConnect mode) In remote locations.

- ISE 2.0

I comment on the flow to access the guest network:

The user connects to the SSID and shows the guest portal already customized by the ISE, fills some data and this request goes to an administrator, each site that activates the accounts of the users who connect to the network of guests. The administrator has a sponsor account in which the requests for account approval arrive, ISE by default creates the user with a random key, the user approaches the administration and gives him the name with which he registered to activate the account. This lasts for 1 day.

We tested connectivity devices (iPhone and iPad) with iOS 10 operating system, enter the SSID connects and shows the guest portal, register and then comes to the administration to provide their credentials and have access to free internet. Here if all favorable

My problem goes with Android devices
We tested with Android devices (Version 5.1, 6) in some cases if you redirect to the guest portal to register, but in other cases, we do not open the default browser (Chrome) shows the message that there is no internet, I check the WIFI And has IP Gateway. Gateway, all OK, but does not redirect.

We tested with laptops with Windows 7, 10, connected to the guest network, IP delivery but not loading the ISE authentication portal, opens a browser, Chrome, Mozilla and does not redirect Show the message that there is no internet ) para que este redireccione al portal del ISE, pero tampoco funciona. ">(We put so that it redirects to the ISE portal, but it does not work either.

We tested on another laptop but with Internet Explorer, this shows a message that the page is not secure, gives you advanced options and just shows you the ISE portal. This for an end user is something that does not understand and therefore will mention that it does not have WIFI. Support users need to be brought in to take these steps or support them remotely. This is random, there are some users that if redirects and others not.

Is there a way that when you log in to the guest network automatically you are directed to the ISE guest portal?

I understand that when you open a browser this directs you to the guest portal, but does not apply in some moments, on some phones and tablet with android I did not work.

There is someone who has had this in some implementation or had this percanse.

Any comments and / or answers will be welcome!


Carlos P.


Accepted Solutions
Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee

What code version on WLC?

Cisco Employee

please refer the  link  for WLC configuration examples. 

few things to check are - 

redirect ACL in WLC , 

redirect ACL in authz policy should be of same case as in WLC. 

You can also try to paste the URL in the browser to test if it works. that way we can narrow down the root cause.



Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
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