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Getting containers from capabilities IOS-XE with RESTCONF

Hey all,


Long time lurker first time poster here.


I'm doing my DevNet Associate training and have come up against a brick wall when trying to determine how to generate the full URIs to GET/POST (more GET at this point! ha) on IOS-XE when using RESTCONF. I have queried the YANG capabilities using /restconf/data/netconf-state/capabilites and have returned a large list. When trying to query any of them I get an error - 'uri keypath not found'. I know from my training material that there is a URI for /restconf/data/ietf-interfaces:interfaces which returns data. However, without knowing that ietf-interfaces has a container of :interfaces, how would I generate a URI, for example for ietf-ipv4-unicast-routing or /Cisco-IOS-XE-acl? 


I know of YANG Catalog and I have been able to locate both of those capabilities, but am wondering how do/would you or I determine the full URI? I.e. would you go to YANG catalog and find the module and locate the capabilities - or is there a way to determine it via a query?


Really apreciate the assit here.