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How do you go from appliance mode back to platform mode? We are trying to convert our Firepower 2100 to running FTD. We've tried booting in rommon and applying factory-reset and boot, it goes back to loading the ASA in appliance mode.  These commands...

Ozan1 by Level 1
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 Can someone help to find out mitigation of CVE-2024-20271. as per cisco, there are saying work around is not there and fix to upgrade version. However, the http where this info is updated is saying that vulnerability is affected to AP.For my device,...

Hi all,   From the vulnerability scan, we got the below issue for NTP for Cisco 3850 switch. Could somebody please advise how to fix it.   An NTP control (mode 6) message with the UNSETTRAP (31) opcode with an unknown association identifier will caus...

krisvamcee by Level 1
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I currently have an 1120 running in appliance mode on ver 9.16(1) and need to upgrade due to a vulnerabilty.The current recommended version is (June 2024), although I would be more tempted to go for (May 2024)I cant find any docum...

Hi, I have upgraded my FMCv and FTD from version to 7.2.0 to finally migrate to 7.2.5. However, I can't jump from FTD version 7.2.0 to 7.2.5 because the readiness check Failed. I realized that the FTD statistics couldn't be shown after the up...

Hi All,I downloaded the asdm-openjre-7191-90.bin (Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager for ASA 9.8-9.19 integrated with OpenJRE) BIN file and I have no clue how to execute this.I did some googling and from what I found you need to burn it to a CD a...

Antony_85 by Level 1
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We have FMC and FTD , In FMC we configured Blocked traffic ACCESS POLICY , but while checking in FTD(CLI) one more ACL( Ifc Outside any any allow) showing with same rule-id 26844160.   any ideas how to find this ACL in FMCACL in FTD ========access-li...


Company's FTD license expired and I am trying to review any documentation to unregister the expired FTD license and install this temporary one. License was done as a SLR and in an air gaped deployment. Wanted to first try this forum before submitting...

JaVa808 by Level 1
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