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DNA SD-Access: Network of the Future

Shawn Wargo
Cisco Employee

What is SD-Access?

Imagine being able to bring Software-Defined, fully programmable, fabric-based network Automation and Assurance to your Enterprise Campus, WAN and Branch network environments... with built in Group-based Security + Segmentation and Quality of Service!

The new Cisco DNA Software Defined Access (SD-Access) combines the Campus Fabric and IWAN overlay solutions with Cisco TrustSec, into a common API-driven GUI ecosystem comprised of DNA Center: APIC-EM, ISE, NDP and others.

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The SD-Access solution can be summarized by the following attributes:

  • CVD / RNA based network design
  • LISP based control-plane overlay
  • VXLAN based data-plane encapsulation
  • CTS / SGT based policy management
  • NDP based fabric assurance
  • APIC-EM based fabric automation

The SD-Access solution will work on the following platforms (FCS 1.0):

  • Catalyst 3650 and 3850 (all models)
  • Catalyst 4500-E + Sup8E/9E and 4700 Cards
  • Catalyst 6807-XL + Sup2T/6T and 6800 Cards
  • Catalyst 6880-X or C6840-X (all models)
  • Catalyst 9300, 9400 and 9500 (all models)
  • Nexus 7700 + Sup2E and M3 Cards
  • ASR 1000-X or 1000-HX (all models)
  • ISR 4430 or 4450 (all models)
  • Cisco WLC 3504, 5520 or 8540
  • Cisco AP 1800/2800/3800 (Wave 2)

Want to Learn More?

Cisco SD-Access Solution Overview

What should I be doing?

1. Focus on refreshing the Access & Core

2. Start getting familiar with DNA Center

4. Ask your SE to engage Cisco Services