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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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Cisco is pleased to announce Global LTE Cisco LTE 2.5 release now available with IOS 15.6(2)T1, supporting all segments and verticals, including M2M.

Additional new key FDD and TDD LTE bands for Asia, Australia, and LATAM with Cisco LTE 2.5 platforms are now orderable.


  • Primary LTE Wireless WAN link or WWAN IWAN diversity or seamless WAN Backup, e.g. for remote offices, branches, M2M, and retail
  • Quick branch turn-up for instant connectivity of branch (remote) offices, kiosks & ATMs, construction site, retail, small & medium business, and anywhere with cellular coverage
  • Tightly integrated with modular ISR G2, ISR 4000 (including New DNA-Ready platform: ISR4221), and fixed ISR 800 (including M2M), leveraging rich IOS-based security and many other advanced services
  • Network resiliency through IWAN diversity with or without a wired link


Higher LTE scalability (CAT4), expansion to additional geographies, segments, and verticals with full, rich IOS

and advanced LTE features set

  • C819G improvements: +30% M2M improved performance with extended operating temperature range

from -20 to +50 degree Celsius (functional up to 55C)

  • Additional New FDD and TDD LTE bands: FDD band 28, 21, 19, 18, 5 and TDD bands 38, 39, 40, 41

New Antenna: 3:1 elements indoor/outdoor or 2:1 indoor low profile 2X2 MIMO antenna with (3:1) GPS in 4 different colors and ease of installation with single 5/8 inch drill hole


  • Key features including SMS, standalone active GPS (except C819GW), 4G MIB (3G MIB with full 4G extension), IMS Bearer QOS, Multi-VRF, Multi-PDN, and Multiple Profiles
  • 15-25x faster than 3G and 8x lower latency than 3G; up to theoretical CAT4 150Mbps download speeds, depending on specific SP carrier real live network LTE provisioning and channel bandwidth)
  • Short installation time and rapid deployment; configurable for fail-over from wired WAN in case of wire line outages
  • Easy firmware image switching provisioning from FLASH for fixed LTE platforms (-LA PIDs) with 15.6(2)T1 Universal IOS for all 800 LTE fixed platforms include Advanced IP Services and Dual SIMs support for all fixed platforms including M2M

LTE FeaturesDescriptionOrderability
Common CAT4 LTE bands:

Multimode Cisco LTE 2.5 for carriers that operate FDD LTE 700-MHz (band 28), 800-MHz (band 20), 850-MHz (band 5 CLR), 850-MHz (bands 18 and 19 Low), 900-MHz (band 8), 1500-MHz (band 21), 1800-MHz (band 3), 2100-MHz (band 1), or 2600-MHz (band 7) networks; the multimode Cisco LTE 2.5 routers are backward-compatible with Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) and Dual Carrier High-Speed Packet Access Plus (DC-HSPA)+: 800 MHz (band 19 Japan), 850 MHz (band 5), 850 MHz (band 6 Japan), 900 MHz (band 8), 1800 MHz (band 9), 2100 MHz (band 1), and TD-SCDMA 39.

Multimode LTE 2.5 for carriers that operate TDD LTE 1900-MHz (band 39), 2300-MHz (band 40), 2500-MHz (band 41), or 2600-MHz (band 38) networks.

            Multimode LTE 2.5 for carrier aggregation

            band combinations: 1+(8,18,19,21);

            3+(5,7,19,28); 7+(5,7,28); 19+21, 38+38,

            39+39, 40+40, 41+41

GE WAN, 4 LAN Switch Ports, Cisco 12:1 Smart SerialNow
GE WAN, 4 LAN Switch Ports, Cisco 12:1 Smart Serial, dual 802.11n WiFi radioNow
(-N domain, mid-Jan 2017)
2 GE WANs (SFP option), 8 LAN Switch PortsNow
1 GE WAN (SFP option), 8 LAN Switch Ports, ADSL2+/VDSL or G.SHDSLNow
ISR G2 LTE Enhanced High Speed Interface CardNow
ISR 4000 LTE Network Interface ModuleLate Dec 2016
3:1 indoor/outdoor low profile antenna with GPS (dual SMA to TNC Adapters)Now

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