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IPv6 Security - Slides from live webcast


   ipv6 security ipv6 ipsec reconnaissance spoofing layer 2 issues icmp security policy fragmentation extension header dual stacks tunnels firewall vpn spam network security ipv4 oses protocol


During the live event, Cisco subject matter experts Eric Vyncke and Andrew Yourtchenko will explain the security myths and security issues in the IPv6 protocol. Though IPv6 is only available to 3 percent of Internet users, this number is doubling every 6 to 9 months, and, more important, all host OSes have IPv6 enabled by default. The session will focus mainly on the protocol security itself, though some product features will also be explained. It is expected that the attendees have some knowledge of IPv6 and also of IPv4 network security.



  • IPv6 security myths: absence of reconnaissance, IPsec everywhere
  • Common security issues between IPv4 and IPv6: IP spoofing, Layer 2 issues, ICMP security policy, fragmentation
  • Specific IPv6 security issues: extension header, dual stacks, tunnels
  • A word on existing security products: firewall, IPS, VPN, and spam
  • Summary


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