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Core Issue

After a software upgrade, the Cisco 2600 series router may boot without errors, but it no longer recognizes the built-in Ethernet/Fast Ethernet ports.  This happens when the correct series router is selected, but the incorrect platform is chosen from Cisco Downloads.


Download the correct image for your router with the IOS Upgrade Planner.

When selecting the correct image from Cisco Downloads, be sure to select the correct Cisco IOS  Software version for the specific Cisco 2600 series platform.  There are different versions for each of these:

  • 2610-2613
  • 2610XM-2611XM
  • 2620-2621
  • 2620XM-2621XM
  • 2650-2651
  • 2650XM-2651XM
  • 2651XM

Each contains platform specific drivers for the built-in ports.

The router does not recognize the Ethernet ports, so recovery needs to be done from ROM Monitor (ROMmon) mode. Power cycle the router and press Ctrl+Break as it boots. The router goes to the ROMmon prompt.

For instructions on loading the correct Cisco IOS Software version, refer to Xmodem Console Download Procedure Using ROMmon.

For additional information, refer to How to Download a Software Image to a Cisco 2600 via TFTP Using the tftpdnld ROMmon Command  to restore the router.

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