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Community Manager

This event had place on Wednesday 4th, November 2020 at 10hrs PDT 


Designed for intent-based networks, the Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms family offers best-in-class networking and security combined. The platforms, available in both on-premises or virtual options, are designed for accelerated SD-WAN services, multilayered security, cloud-native agility, and edge intelligence to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Featured Expert

shummer.jpg Shameel Ummer is a Technical Marketing Engineer for 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers as well as Catalyst 8300 Series. Shameel holds four CCIE certifications and is responsible for all things crypto on the routing platforms.
sumali.jpgSumant Mali is a passionate network enthusiast with 12+ years of industry experience. He is currently working as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers, as well as Catalyst 8500 Series. Sumant is a  hardcore quality assurance engineer with superb escalation handling experience, which has shaped him into the network expert that he is today. 

You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Live Questions

Q:How is the support for LTE/5G in this platform? What module is available?

A: For C8500: Catalyst Cellular Gateway (that will be presented later in the session). For C8300: Catalyst Cellular Gateway or NIM/PIM module.LTE Advanced Pro (Cat18) PIM module is available on the C8300 Access platforms. We also have a LTE Advanced Pro (Cat18) Cellular Gateway that is an external modem that can be deployed with the C8500s. & C8300s. We have more 5G modules/GW targeted in CY21.

Q:Will you compare Cat8K with Viptela SD-WAN (vEdge routers)? Major similarities and differences in terms of SD-WAN functionality?

A:Catalyst 8000 platforms are next-gen ASR/ISR platforms and are running IOS XE SD-WAN. No specific vEdge vs IOS XE SD-WAN content here. But same differentiation with IOS XE SD-WAN exists (e.g. on-prem IPS/IDS security).This session does not cover that detail. We will compare ASR 1K with 8500 and 8300 with ISR 4K.

Q:What about the expiration period with regard to the Trusted Anchor Module? The certificates typically have the validity period which is limited?

A: 10 years. You can configure the certificate lifetime so that they will only expire after your anticipated retirement date.

Q:Just curios to know if Cat8k will be able in the future to run all SD-WAN feature and functionality that is available today in Viptela OS/vEdge?

A:Yes, 8500 will have day one parity with ASR 1K and SD-WAN. Parity with vEdge may differ.

Q:For how long are the certificates loaded into the hardware TAm module valid? Are these certificates updated during the device's lifetime?

A:Configure the certificate lifetime so that they will only expire after your anticipated retirement date.

Q:How comprehensive/consistent the NETCONF/YANG manageability is supposed to be for the Cat8k platform?

A: Same as ASR1K and ISR 4K.

Q:If you mount a 10H MACSEC NIM in e.g. C8300-!N1S-6T, will you get more IPSEC throughput?

A: The 10G WAN module on the 8300s just adds moerr 10G WAN port capacity. It does not increase the platform's IPSec capacity. The 6Ts support 2G IPSec IMIX traffic and 4T2Xs support 5G IPSec IMIX¬.

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