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  I have an Internet Multihoming scenario in which Router A is connected to ISP1 and Router B is connected to ISP2.I have an EBGP running bw A and ISP1 & B and ISP2.Also I have IBGP bw A and B.My IP blocks are advertised in both ISP's and we are trying to achieve load balacing.Both my WAN links to ISP is in Active-Active.In addition to it, I have MHSRP configured in my LAN interface.

Now I have enabled nat on the Wan interface connecting to ISP1 and ISP2.I noticed :ip virtual reassembly command automatically appearing on the WAN interface.After some time,I noticed some error logs in my router :

May 10 10:05:58.645: %IP_VFR-4-FRAG_TABLE_OVERFLOW: GigabitEthernet0/1: the fragment table has reached its maximum threshold 16

Does this error cause any impact on my application ?

Can i remove this command from the interface ? Will my production get affected if i try to do this ?


from what I understand NAT automatically enables VFR if NAT is enabled...does the message happen often?

if it happens often there may be possibility of a buffer overflow attack...

paolo bevilacqua
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