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Catalyst 4500 IOS Upgrade Steps - Single/Dual Supervisors

Shashank Popli
Cisco Employee

Looks good;Very helpful.Also when we use a Usb port to copy the image what would be the path while copying the image instead of a tftp server ?
copy tftp: bootflash:

Shashank Popli
Cisco Employee

Hi Anurag,

Thanks for viewing the video.

The first step would be to find the usb flash file system name on your device and to find the same, you can issue the following command:

show file system (sample snipped outputs given below)

4500-1#sh file systems

File Systems:

     Size(b)     Free(b)      Type  Flags  Prefixes

*   1700155392     285618176      disk     rw   bootflash:

     167252992       2178048      disk     rw   crashinfo:

      65624064      65361920      disk     rw   kinfo:

    1867505664    1636741120       ram     ro   lcfpga:

           -           -      disk     rw   slot0:

    1867505664    1636741120       ram     ro   smi:

           -           -      disk     rw   usb0:

             0             0      disk     ro   webui:

           -           -    opaque     rw   system:

           -           -    opaque     rw   tmpsys:

        524284        523008     flash     rw   cat4000_flash:

           -           -     nvram     rw   slavenvram:

           -           -     flash     rw   slavebootflash:

           -           -     flash     rw   slavecat4000_flash:

           -           -     flash     rw   slaveslot0:

           -           -     flash     rw   slaveusb0:

Therefore, in accordance to the above output to copy an image from the usb the command would be as follows:

copy usb0: bootflash:


Beginner it.Perfect .

Thank you.


Hi Shashank,

Video is really helpful. Thanks for it.

My question is as you said to reload standby sup command is "redundancy reload peer" and after that "redundancy force switchover" to failover and reload active sup but this should be done only after standby comes UP and we verify it on console , right?

Shashank Popli
Cisco Employee


Thanks for viewing the video.

Yes, that is correct that you reload the standby first with "redundancy reload peer" and then wait for it to come up and once it is up , you can failover to reload the Active.


Thanks for this video, it is really clear to understand.

But i am trying to know if there will be posible to make the same process (Reload chassis one by one) changing the IOS from non-crypto to crypto Image

I saw some caveats into the release notes about it is not supported and it could cause an impact ( I fear to lose the management of the VSS as this change will be done  into a production environment) . So could someone throw me any light on this matter?   

Change from  cat4500e-universal.SPA.03.09.00.E.152-5.E.bin to cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.09.00.E.152-5.E.bin

Regards! :)

Great Video Shashank, very helpful during the upgrade of 4500 single and dual sup engine Switches.




Apoorv Dabral
Cisco Employee

Great Video!! Kudos

Cisco Employee

Really a great video to explain the upgrade in simple steps !


i have dual  SUP-7E on Cisco 4507R+E (  Version 03.01.01.SG  ,  15.0(1r)SG1 )  i want to the upgrade to the following software

version 3.8.6 MD ( cat4500e-universal.SPA.03.08.06.E.152-4. E6.bin) ,
Any one give me the steps cause aim confused  how to start , do i have to upgrade to ROM IOS  first and to which version , or i can upgrade to version 3.8.6 MD directly