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NFVIS Solutions

Join peers and Cisco experts to discuss Cisco’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) products and s...

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SD-WAN and Cloud Networking

Join this community to interact with your peers and Cisco about SD-WAN and all things related to sec...

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Discuss Catalyst brand switches with peers and experts.

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Join us for information about our use cases, common troubleshooting, discussions, getting started gu...

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HSRP Not Working When Routers Connected to Switch

I have kind of an odd one that TAC hasn't been able to really figure out yet and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. We deployed a new Catalyst 9300 switch stack and two new Catalyst 8200 routers in one of our offices. This is th...

cisco switches

Hello Team,We would want to know if the below devices of CISCO have the feature of generating net flow and dataflow.Do these these devices do generate data and netflows ??? CISCO CBS350-48P-4G-UKCISCO C92001-48P-4G-ECISCO C93001 4X10GKindly confirm.B...

Yashesh by Beginner
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Cisco 9200 stuck in rommon mode

Hello everyone , i've problem with my cisco 9200 switch it stucked in rommon mode after reset. here some information :boot: attempting to boot from [flash:packages.conf]boot: reading file packages.confUnable to read ExtX super blockERROR: failed to b...

Gratuitous Address Resolution Protocol (GARP)

Hello,I am going to migrate our telephony to SIP trunkWe will have 2 SIP fiber trunk links, with 2 AVAYA SBC (VM)The 2 ISP routers ( same ISP but two different fibers, one active and one in "stand by") will be connected to my core switch, I created a...

abtt-39 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Device Enrollment On Mac

I have a MacBook Pro 2017 and I keep getting a pop up message that "Cisco Systems can automatically configure your Mac" Apparently the Mac device enrollment is still active. How can this pop-up be stopped  ?

Resolved! Nat to ISP without static public IP

Hi all.I have a home setup with a Cisco router and one provided by my ISP.  While I can put the ISP router into bridged mode and allow my Cisco router's GigabitEthernet8 interface to receive an IP address through DHCP, I'm not sure how to configure N...

Cisco DNAC Backup Setup

Summary: Data & Assurance Backup for Cisco DNAC setup.Issue encountered: Backup failed with below error.Task error description: Error during _process_backup(): Internal server error: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"snapshot_creation_exception","reas...

Obaid0310 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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SNMP comm problems with MIB

I am trying to connect to a cbs220 switch using SNMP. The goal is to retrieve information from this switch to monitor it better. In order to do so I use Niagara and its nSNMP driver. First of all, it was really hard to find the right MIB file, if you...

Hugo BEF by Beginner
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Resolved! Counter for SVI on 4500X

Hi everyoneI have recently setup IPv6 routing on my Cisco 4500x and ran into problem for calculating the rate of traffic.i have 2 Vlan Interfaces which are for ipv4 and ipv6 routing. the "counter" command is applied to both interfaces.the Vlan interf...

FAQ - Catalyst Center Third Party Device Visibility

Question: Does Catalyst Center support Third Party devices?Question: What are the supported functional areas for Third-Party devices in Catalyst Center?Question: Can we add AP, WLC or any wireless Third-Party devices to Catalyst Center Inventory?Ques...

psurao by Cisco Employee
  • 5 replies
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