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Paging (InformaCast) With CUCM to restrict user to dial paging number



I have done the basic setup to broadcast the voice using informacast. but I can dial the number from any phone.
please assist me to specify only a particular phone to dial the informacast number.
also, user can disconnect the announcement by pressing the speaker button. any way to disable that option?

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You can restrict dialing the paging number by using partition and css.

Create a separate partition for this paging number and assign to the required phone's css.

Not sure if we can disable to speaker button so that user cannot disconnect it.




it worked partially, 

actually users cannot call paging number except my extension. but they cannot call me also. so, if i keep this setting no one can call me.

i have internal, national and International PT and CSS

i have created Paging PT and Paging CSS

i assign paging number to paging PT in route pattern.

this PT i assigned to my phone. worked well but users cannot call me,

can you please assist what should be done so users can call as usual and they cannot dial paging number except particular extension


You should not alter anything with partition on your phone. The phone(s) that should be able to call the paging system should have the partition in the calling search space that it has assigned on either the device or directory number. What you basically need to do its this.

  1. Create a PT, lets call it Paging_PT for simplicity
  2. Put the RP for the paging system in that PT
  3. Put the Paging_PT into any CSS that should have access to call to the paging system. This does not need to be a new CSS, it could be a present one, it all depends on your needs. If you need to limit this to a smaller group than what your current CSS would allow you create a new one based on a copy of a current one and add the Paging_PT to that
  4. If you created a new CSS assign that to the device(s) or directory number(s) that should be able to call to the paging system

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