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2821 and a HWIC-4ESW=


I have a 2821 with a HWIC-4ESW= installed int slot 0. I cannot see the FastEthernet interfaces in my NAT list.

Specifically I have a a 1300 series AP in my defauly VLAN (1) and I cannot ping it when I have it connected to f0/1/1. I have f0/1/1 configured in trunk mode (for grins I have tried both). I can ping my 1300 when I plug it in to a Catalys Express 500 with the port configured via smartports as an access point with a native VLAN of 1.

To me it seems that the HWIC-4ESW= is not configured correctly in the 2821 or the 2821 is not allowng the fastethernet interfaces to talk to the gigabitethernet interfaces. Any thoughts?



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Rising star

Did you put a ip address on the vlan 1 interface on the 2821?

The default method the router uses to get between the built in gig ports and the ports on the switch module is to route between the virtual interface and built in ports.

If you want a device on a built in port to be on the same subnet as a device on the hwic-4esw you can bridge the virtual interface to the built in port but this is not the best thing to do.

I do not have an IP address on the VLAN 1 interface. I do have an IP address on the same subnet on interface g0/0.1 - 10.1.l.254/24 in vlan1.

The device on f0/1/1 is also in vlan1.

Can I have the g0/0 segmented in to sub-interfaces and still brige it to a hwic-4esw port?

I could make the 1300 series bridge that connects to the hwic-4esw (f0/1/1) part of a different vlan, but would like to have the APs in the managment vlan along w/ the switches and router.



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