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I am having a little situation here; for some reason I can get my switches and routers to display the dhcp relay even though it shows to be configured on the network's vlan. For example, when I entered the following command; SW# sh ip dhcp relay info...

itorr14 by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I am encountering an issue with my ASA 5515X running ASA Version 9.1(2) where traffic from devices in VLAN 99 cannot communicate with an external network (specifically is an overview of my network configuration:ASA Con...

ztiram by Level 1
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 Hi, I have a small query.>Router1-> Router2 -> On router 1 when I try to advertise using the below command I don't see any  packet going out but as soon as I advertise the physical interface(ip) it sends ...

The acquired building consists of a reception department and an administration + management department. After consulting with the team, designed the following layout. After some minor adjustments, our our technical department to install the hardware ...

1pgordo by Level 1
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